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UNIVE background

Charity wallet balance:



UNIVE is a unique concept and is intended to be a reliable, secure but also innovative investment. A part of the transaction fees are sent directly in BNB every hour to all UNIVE token holders, which allows you to see your capital grow effortlessly several times a day thanks to passive income. (The more tokens you hold, the bigger your share.) The UNIVE system sets a limit of 500,000 tokens per transaction or 0.5% of the total supply to prevent big whales and robots. UNIVE has a limited number of tokens which will never change to avoid inflation and deflation. No new token creation will be made and no token will be burned. We also attach particular importance to generosity, which is why 4% of the total offer is blocked in a private wallet and the passive income generated by the latter will be donated each year to charities. Investing in UNIVE is the way to earn money but also to give a small share to those who need it.


UNIVE wants to be transparent at all levels wants you to create a united community that makes decisions together. For this reason, a vote for all UNIVE token holders will take place each year, deciding where the budget allocated to the charity will be distributed. UNIVE is not ours, it's yours.



Limited Supply

The total supply is 100,000,000 tokens.No token will be created or burned.We don't want inflation or deflation.


Buy tax

A total of 15% transaction fees:
10% For holders in BNB.
5% Auto Liquidity Pool.


Sales tax

A total of 20% transaction fees:
15% For holders in BNB.
5% Auto Liquidity Pool.



A locked wallet is reserved for charity and will donate 100% of the passive income generated in BNB.



All liquidity that is not traded is locked for your safety. (The wallets are published on the whitepaper).



Limit of 500,000 tokens for trade, or 0.5% of the total supply to prevent big whales and robots.

BNB rewards are distributed proportionally according to the number of UNIVE tokens held by each user. The minimum you need to own to be automatically rewarded is 500 UNIVE tokens.

Breakdown of the total supply

The 30 million locked tokens will be released into the supply very gradually depending on demand from June 2022. In the end, there will therefore be 85 million (85%) of the total supply in free circulation. The remaining 15 million (15%) are blocked for life and will allow the project to be self-financing in the long term. The Development and charity marketing wallets are public on white paper for complete transparency. UNIVE will never need to sell tokens to gain liquidity. On the contrary, the aim is to make it more and more solid by automatically injecting a minimum of 5% of each transaction into liquidity.

Sales tax progress for the launch

Opening of sales without pre-sales, which means that the benefits for those who invest will be enormous, so we decided to gradually adjust the sales taxes at the beginning in order to limit the pump and dump as much as possible and encourage investors to keep their chips.

0/200 Holders = 35% sales tax

200/400 Holders = 30% sales tax

400/600 Holders = 25% sales tax

1000 Holders = 20% sales tax (Definitive)


  • Creation of UNIVE and the concept.
    June 2021
  • Opening of accounts on social networks and start of communication.
    August 2021
  • Presale begins, with the sale on Pancakeswap.
    October 2021
  • Profile validation on binance smart chain.
    October 2021
  • Official sales launch in Pancakeswap.
    October 2021
  • Referencing of UNIVE on different platform. Coinmarketcap, Coingecko..
    October 2021
  • Release of a small amount of liquidity which will be carefully calculated to keep the market favorable.
    June 2022
  • Breakdown of the budget for the year 2022/2023 and official creation of the UNIVE Foundation.
    June 2022
  • Creation of the first ecological blockchain which meets strict specifications. Objectives: Environmentally friendly, fast, reliable, secure and inexpensive.
    End 2022
  • Massive investment of passive income generated by the wallet dedicated to marketing in advertising.
    January 2023
  • After the community vote, distribution of the cash collected for charities. Volunteers from the UNIVE community will go to the various sites to help. All the actions will be filmed and broadcast on social networks so that everyone knows precisely how the money and the good that UNIVE can do in the world has been spent thanks to the solidarity of all.
    February 2023
  • Opening of negotiations with the biggest financial and banking platforms to integrate UNIVE into daily life around the world.
    Before the end 2023

Binance Smart chain

UNIVE is based on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) protocol.
Why this choice?
Because the transactions are extremely fast and very inexpensive in fees.
We wanted to offer UNIVE token owners a way to move and exchange their tokens in the easiest and fastest way possible.